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Teacher's Apple Ornament

Teacher's Apple Ornament

Honor the dedication and hard work of our exceptional educators with our Teacher's Apple Ornament! This charming keepsake is a perfect way to show your appreciation for teachers who make a difference in the lives of students every day.


Symbol of Gratitude: The iconic apple holds a special place in the heart of every teacher. Our ornament features a beautifully crafted apple design, made from 1/4" birch wood. Words that represent the qualities of outstanding teachers are scored around the perimeter, creating a heartfelt tribute to their role in shaping young minds.


Show your gratitude for educators who inspire and ignite the love for learning in others. Our Teacher's Apple Ornament is not only a thoughtful addition to holiday decor but also a meaningful gift that captures the essence of their role in shaping bright futures.


  • Product Details:

    • Measures 4" by 4.25".
    • Made from 1/4" Birch Ply with the Teacher cut from 1/8" MDF and layered for 3D effect.
    • Ready to hang from twine with decorative bead and bow. 
      Note: Ribbon used for bow may vary, making each ornament unique.

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